Divine Bliss


DIVINE BLISS is a natural state of being… my purpose is to help you access and experience this natural state, a state of oneness with your inner spirit.

Stress, pain and dis-ease are signs that we are not in touch with our inner spirit and that we are not following our bliss. They are reminders that we have forgotten who we are & what our soul’s purpose is. We lose touch with our dreams and we lose faith in life and we are prone to disease, pain, depression, anxiety etc.

Happiness, fulfillment and good health are signs that we are one with our inner spirit and that we are following our bliss. We know who we are and we know our soul’s purpose. We have faith in life and feel alive, self empowered & determined.

You are a spiritual being, born into a physical body.

Your journey to complete happiness, wholeness and wellbeing is to re-connect your spiritual being with your physical being; the invisible with the visible. Re-membering your body, mind, heart & soul connection…to realise more fully who you are.The more you follow your bliss, the more relaxed you will be and the more life force energy will flow freely through your body; giving you power and restoring your health, vitality & happiness.