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Linda is a dedicated current student (on going since 1995) of renowned Mystic, Teacher, Healer, Grand Master Dr Issam Kadamani at the International College of Meditation and Healing and has also joined Dr Issam overseas in Malaysia, Greece, Thailand & Bali attending workshops.

Grand Master Dr Issam Kadamani

Being trained under the love and direction of Dr Issam, Linda has learned of the power that we have within ourselves, the power of the mind and the metaphysical causation of pain & disease.  Combine this with the experience of her own healing journey, gives her the understanding and compassion of the healing path to wholeness (and thus happiness).

Linda is an accredited Ajna Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a teacher of Metaphysics, Mindset, Meditation, Reiki and Qi Gong, an Ajna Training Assistant, a Sacred Journey Facilitator, an Independent Healy Distributor, and a Minister of the Yasua Metaphysical Ministry Inc. 

Her training includes certification in Vibrational Healing – Flower Essence Therapy (Australian Bush, Bach and FES) & Crystal Healing, as well as certificates in Reflexology and  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Linda has also held Native American Full Moon Sweat Lodges on her property in the Dandenong Ranges for 4 years.  

As a caring holistic healer and teacher, Linda takes you on a journey to wholeness, teaching you of the power that you have within yourself and of the power of your mind, helping you to raise your frequency and raise your consciousness.  Through healing, you will understand and release disease (blocked energy), which then allows the life force energy to freely flow through your body, restoring health, vitality and awareness … leading you to live your life consciously and in a state of Divine Bliss.